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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Rubber tiles – Why choose Granuflex® rubber tiles?

Granuflex® has over 17 years of experience in the production of rubber tiles. The result is an excellent tile for every purpose against a competitive price.

All our tiles are tested on critical drop heights on concrete according to the European norm NEN-EN 1177:1997 and carry the environmental seal.

Last but not least; Granuflex® rubber tiles are tested by an independent research agency on safety for health and the environment.
Conclusion: Granuflex® rubber tiles are 100% safe.

2. Rubber tiles – Are Granuflex® rubber tiles certified on critical drop heights?

Yes, all our rubber tiles are tested on critical drop heights according to the European norm NEN-EN 1177:1997. The certificate is available on request.

3. Rubber tiles – Are rubber tiles damaging to the environment?

No Granuflex® rubber tiles are absolutely not harmful to the environment.

Tiles are tested by an independent research on human and environmental security. The conclusion: Granuflex® rubber tiles are 100% secure.

The full report, please contact the sales department.

4. Rubber tiles – Are Granuflex® rubber tiles easy to install?

Top laying a Granuflex® flooring is simple.

Provide a flat surface of concrete slabs and sand make. For more stability you can mix some cement powder with sand. For use inside virtually any flat flooring. Both concrete, wood flooring are no objections.

You can use a stanley knife or similar to cut the tiles, with a jigsaw you saw patterns. A handsaw with coarse saw tooth is also usefull.

Tip: if you make your knife wet, it promotes the cutting. Always put a ruler or crossbar on the part you need. So you can not cut.

With sealant or glue the tiles if you glued to each other (or on the surface such as wood, concrete, linoleum, etc).
The tiles to stick together, you can see the edges of the tiles with a layer of glue or glue in the corners afterwards syringes.
Place the tiles firmly together. By gluing the tiles themselves to create the patio or the floor a whole.

Granuflex® sells rubber adhesive specifically for this application. More information about this product can be found on our website under the heading ’products’.
You can also directly contact the sales department for more information.

Tip: Granuflex® rubber tiles are porous. The tiles can not rot, but water can not drain what on go smell. Make sure the drain/drainage properly organized.

5. Rubber tiles – How do I maintain my rubber tile floor?

Granuflex® tiles are extremely easy to maintain. You can use the tiles with a vacuum cleaner sucking (for internal using)or clean sweep with a broom (for outdoor using). The tiles are resistant to hot water and can also be cleaned with a pressure washer. With a damp cloth or soapy water can remove dirt. All cleaning products for in and around home are suitable. Avoid using abrasive or corrosive materials.

6. SBR rubber granules – Are PAK’s (polycyclic hydrocarbons) from granules carcinogenic

There are PAK’s in rubber tires. But these are so woven into the rubber, but that even after processing, in no way harmful to humans and the environment.


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