A quality product with many possibilities of use.

Our progressive production methods guarantee granules of the highest purity. Contaminants, such as glass, sand, rock and non-ferrous materials are filtered from the rubber, the textile is vacuumed off and the remaining residual steel is removed using heavy-duty magnets. In this way, we guarantee a clean and pure product!

General product properties of Granuflex rubber granulate SBR:

• Hard-wearing
• Shock absorbing
• Weather and wind resistant
• Long life span
• Environmental friendly

Examples of applications where the granules can be used are:

• as an infill in artifical turf
• installing base layers in sports installations
• the manufacturing of rubber tiles
• installation of rubber floors
• manufacturing of all sorts of rubber products

We manufacture the following standard sizes:

0,0 – 0,8 mm 0,8 – 2,5 mm 2,0 – 3,5 mm 3,5 – 7,0 mm


We can pack the granules in bags of around 1,000 kg. Other ways of packaging can be discussed for loyal customers who regularly place large orders.

Safety and environment:

A detailed study done by INTRON in cooperation with the Dutch Government proved that it is safe for both human and environment to use SBR rubber granules, which are made by Dutch tire recyclers, as an infill in artificial turf. INTRON looked especially at the leaching of zinc over a longer period of time and the conclusion was that the leaching of all heavy metals are well below the limits permitted by the Dutch Government.


Our company is ISO 9001/2000 certified. We analyze our granules during the whole process.
From each shipment we take samples and make sieve analysis. The granules for sports purposes are tested by ISA Sport and Lörcher. The test reports can be downloaded at the granules of your choice.