Granuflex 15mm Rubber Gym Tile


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Granuflex 15mm Rubber Gym Tile


The Granuflex 15mm Rubber Gym Tiles are high performance rubber flooring, made from recycled rubber crumb granules. They are suitable for weightlifting areas, strength and conditioning facilities, commercial gyms and fitness studios.

In addition, we are committed to helping health clubs and gym facility owners find solutions to acoustic noise issues that are associated with the low frequencies of sound and vibration created by gym equipment. This is increasingly important as a growing number of gym and fitness facilities are now created on upper floors within residential and commercial buildings. Consequently, preventing impact sound has become a major concern.

All our rubber gym flooring is made from high quality, recycled rubber crumb granules recovered from worn vehicle tyres. This prevents them from going into landfill while creating a fully recyclable product that is environmentally friendly.


  • Reduces impact noise and vibration from gym equipment
  • Prevents impact sound transferring into the building structure and causing noise complaints
  • Creates a safe exercise platform for users that reduces fatigue and injuries
  • Provides a durable layer to prevent damage to the sub-floor from free weights
  • Enhances the aesthetics of the internal space used for exercise
  • These tiles each measure 1000mm x 1000mm x 15mm.

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