Cherry Hills 32mm Thick Artificial Grass for Prowler / Sled Tracks


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32mm Cherry Hills: We are excited to announce Cherry Hills is one of our most recent additions to our range of artificial grass.

Perfect for prowler tracks and functional areas and is one of the most duarable flooring options available for these applications.

Featuring a slightly darker green colour palette then the other variations, this turf is firm and a soft underfoot feel is clearly present once laid.

Why settle for cutting the grass every week when you can have flawlessly cut grass laid for many years to come?

  • 50% more grass blades per m2
  • better coverage
  • full UV-protection
  • colour fastness warranty
  • available in 30 & 40mm pile height
  • made in Belgium



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10m x 2m, 15m x 2m, 20m x 2m


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