Granuflex 43mm Ramp


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Floors are the most diverse requirements in gyms. The Granuflex 43mm Ramp is not only tough, but also mute sound and an attractive appearance is a must. These recyclable, environmentally friendly fitness mats from Granuflex is developed specifically for the professional market. A beautiful floor in the dumbbell space for optimum silence in your crossfit space. Granuflex has a wide range of products which all excel in wear-resistant, shock and sound absorbing properties.

The Granuflex 43mm Ramp

• Anti-slip, even when wet surface
• Noise and vibration damping
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor
• Thermal conductivity 0.14 W.m2K
• 100% recyclable

Technical data

Article number: 229ZWA043M5100XX
Dimensions (lxbx thickness): 1000x200x43 mm
HIC value / fall height: 0.0 mtr
Dimensional tolerance length: +/- 1.5%
Size thickness tolerance: +/- 8%
Weight: 6 kg / m 2
Weight tolerance: +/- 5%
Top type: Flat
Type bottom: Flat
Pin / hole connection: No
Eco: No
Fire behavior EN 13501-1: E
Warranty period: 3 years


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Black, Red, Green, Grey


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